FP Markets Account Types Reviewed (Updated 2024)

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FP Markets, a globally recognized Forex and CFD broker, has updated its account offerings in 2024 to cater to a diverse range of trading needs. This review provides a detailed analysis of the various account types available at FP Markets, highlighting their features, benefits, and suitability for different trading styles and preferences.

1. Standard Account


The Standard Account is designed for entry-level traders, offering a straightforward and accessible trading experience.

Key Features:

  • Minimum Deposit: Affordable entry point for new traders.

  • Spreads: Competitive spreads starting from 1.0 pips.

  • Commission: No commission charges, making it cost-effective for beginners.


Ideal for novice traders and those looking to explore Forex trading without significant initial investment.

2. Raw Account


The Raw Account caters to more experienced traders who seek lower spreads and are comfortable paying commissions for trades.

Distinctive Attributes:

  • Tighter Spreads: As low as 0.0 pips, appealing to high-frequency traders.

  • Commission Structure: Transparent commission fees per trade.

  • Execution Speed: Superior trade execution suitable for scalping and day trading.


Best suited for experienced traders and professionals who prioritize tight spreads and fast execution.

3. Islamic Account


The Islamic Account, also known as a swap-free account, is tailored to meet the needs of traders following Islamic finance principles.


  • Swap-Free: No interest on overnight positions in line with Sharia law.

  • Accessibility: Available for both Standard and Raw account types.

  • Instruments: Access to all trading instruments offered by FP Markets.

Target Audience:

A specific solution for traders who require an account that adheres to Islamic financial guidelines.

4. Professional Account


The Professional Account is for high-net-worth individuals and institutional traders, offering higher leverage and advanced features.

Exclusive Benefits:

  • Increased Leverage: Up to 1:500, providing significant trading flexibility.

  • Personalized Service: Access to a dedicated account manager and customized services.

  • Advanced Tools: Sophisticated trading tools and analytics for professional use.


Tailored for professional traders and institutions requiring a high-caliber trading environment.

5. Demo Account


FP Markets provides a Demo Account for risk-free practice and strategy testing, mimicking real-market conditions.

Simulation Features:

  • Virtual Funds: Trade with simulated money to practice strategies.

  • Realistic Market Conditions: Experience live market scenarios without financial risk.

  • Learning Platform: Ideal for beginners to learn and for experienced traders to test new strategies.


A vital tool for all traders looking to practice and refine their trading techniques.

6. Account Customization and Flexibility


FP Markets stands out for offering customizable features across its account types, allowing traders to tailor their experience.

Customization Options:

  • Leverage Options: Ability to choose leverage according to risk appetite.

  • Instrument Variety: Access to a wide range of Forex pairs and CFDs.

  • Adjustable Features: Option to modify account settings to align with individual trading goals.


These customization features make FP Markets' accounts adaptable to a wide range of trading strategies and preferences.

7. Conclusion

FP Markets continues to cater to a diverse trading community in 2024 through its range of account options. From the Standard Account for beginners to the Professional Account for experienced traders, FP Markets demonstrates a commitment to providing tailored trading solutions. Each account type is designed to meet specific trader needs, making it a versatile choice for anyone looking to trade in the Forex and CFD markets.

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